Macarons (pronounced as mak-ə-RONs) are very delicate desserts. They are not widely offered in cafes and shops because they're expensive and difficult to make. Ask any baker in town and they'll tell you how many times they have been disappointed even before their oven timer rings.


Macarons are one of the desserts with high baking failure rate. Pop a tray into the oven and you might just find 1/3 of them cracked!


What makes a good macaron?

  • It has a smooth top with almost aligned feet grown underneath it. The feet should be standing tall and not spreading out of its crown.

  • It has a thin top layer of crust over an inner soft but slightly chewy body. Note: a good one doesn't come with a hollow centre. 

  • A not-so-sweet filling (buttercream, ganache or jam) sandwiched between the cookies in the right proportion would  perfect the dessert!

We desire the non-conformity of conventions in our macarons and turn each bake into food art. Follow us on instagram/facebook for more of our work or order now to get yours too! 
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Mala Macarons

Round Macarons

Monogram Number 2 Unicorn Customised Macarons.


Bear and Hotair balloons customised macarons

Character Macarons

Nut Free Round Macarons

Nut Free Macarons

Pastel Baby Breath Round Macaron Tower

Macaron Towers

Customised Tokidoki Macaron Donut Tower

Donut Towers

Clara Ng

First of all, the designs are fantastic! Always turn out beyond expectation.
Second, taste so yummy! Not too sweet, chewy crust and soft creamy filing.
Been the top choice for my kids celebrations all these years. Thank you Alyssa and team!

Hear From Our Customers

Fion Chia

Thanks for customized the macarons for my gal 1st bday. My guests love it so much as they commented not so sweet. 👍🏼 Will order again in the near future.

Xin Rui

I ordered customized macarons for my son’s first birthday party. The macarons are so adorable and delicious that all my guests commented that they can’t bear to finish it. This is my first time ordering from Milleaville and definitely not my last. Thank you so much for the job well done.